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GastriAid & GastriVet – Five Star for Gutsy Horses


Posted on 21 February 2023
by jess

Protecting your horse’s gut health is as important to us as it is to you and NAF’s new and improved Five Star GastriAid and Five Star GastriVet offer horses Five Star Treatment for Gut Health and Gutsy Horses.

So, what’s new with NAF Five Star GastriAid and Five Star GastriVet?

Whilst GastriAid and GastriVet have always offered Five Star Treatments for Gut Health, the addition of NAF Five Star BioG provides horses and ponies with even more protection for gut health. Five Star BioG is a unique synergistic complex that works in synergy within NAF’s targeted functional supplements to support your horse’s unique microbiome from fore to hindgut.

These two best selling products for gut health now feature new labels which have been evolved to include diagrammatic explanations. These have been designed to make it clear what each product is for and what the key benefits are.

How do I choose which product is right for my horse or pony

To help you get started with choosing the right product for your horse or pony, we spoke to NAF’s Veterinary Director Dr. Andy Richardson BVSc CertAVP (ESM) MRCVS who put together the following information.


NAF Five Star GastriAid is the must have daily supplement for total gut health. If your horse or pony shows any of the following signs, this is the right supplement for them.

How will Five Star GastriAid help my horse/pony?

By utilising a unique combination of ingredients designed to target total gut health, the key benefits of Five Star GastriAid are:


NAF Five Star GastriVet targets the stomach and is clinically proven to soothe and preserve lining integrity. For horses and ponies that have scoped with cause for concern or are presenting with any of the following signs, Five Star GastriVet is the perfect choice.

Situations that may present a high risk to the stomach lining are as follows:

How will Five Star GastriVet help my horse/pony?

Five Star GastriVet has been independently trialled via a rigorous clinical trial that has been peer reviewed and published. Proven to support stomach integrity for all types, the ingredients underpin the overall integrity of the stomach via the following key benefits:

Situations that may present a high risk to the stomach lining are as follows:

I’ve seen NAF Five Star BioG mentioned… what is this?

NAF Five Star BioG is our unique combination of:

The NAF Five Star BioG complex is a combination of pre, pro and postbiotics. It is included in NAF’s Five Star Treatments for Gut Health in recognition of their importance to digestion and the many benefits they have throughout the body.

Written by NAF, taken from their article with the same title.

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