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Building Hooves to Last


Posted on 28 November 2022
by jess


Deliver LASTING hoof health


For the past 30 years NAF have worked to formulate the right products targeted at hoof support, with a key focus on:


Horn health has to cope with different processes which in turn weaken the overall structure, wet conditions tend to push water molecules into the small crevices within the capsule which evaporate and leave these crevices open for invasion.  NAF focus on providing all round hoof health and strength to help build hooves to last, in all conditions, in all types of hooves.

Horn takes a long time to grow from coronet corium to toe, we usually see full growth around every 9-12 months.
However, on average the hoof should grow around 6mm per month.  Horses receiving less nutrients than they require may have low quality and quantity of horn growth and horses with high levels of oxidative stress may also suffer poor quality hoof growth despite receiving a quality diet.  A supplement should target different forms of sulphur to ensure strong keratin bonds can be made in addition to dealing with potential oxidative stress.

This is where Five Star PROFEET comes into its own providing a unique sulphur response, providing excellent levels of Methionine, Biotin, MSM and Cysteine.

Many supplements focus on Biotin – this is proven to help with growth rates but without adequate Methionine the di-sulphide bond that helps provides the integrity for each keratin structure will be weaker.   PROFEET delivers the right sulphur response in the right ratios, providing strong overall tensile strength and hooves built to last.

Along with these benefits are the antioxidant support that of course addresses the oxidative stresses and the numerous additional support provided by nutrients such as Zinc which helps support the rebuild/repair process within the hoof capsule.

In terms of herbal support, what do we mean by herbs?  Well phytochemicals are plant based that can help provide a defence against different threats – in PROFEET, Rosemary is included which efficiently supports circulation amongst numerous other advantages.  While Dandelion supports a healthy liver, and it is known that the liver if under threat can result in poor hoof health, Milk Thistle also underpins this support for the liver.  NAF is a rare breed amongst supplement manufacturers in that we have over 30 years’ experience with phytochemicals and how they can combine with vitamins, minerals and trace elements to effectively target and support different bodily functions.  It is this synergistic approach that we believe helps each horse restore their balance.

NAF have recently begun working closer with Farriers themselves and have become Nutritional Partners to the BFBA (British Farrier & Blacksmith Association) to explore new developments in nutrition for the future.  We are confident that PROFEET has already taken a leap into the future to target hoof stress.

Deliver hoof health with Five Star PROFEET pellets, liquid or powder and build hooves to last.

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